Our Services

Financial Services

• Prepare Monthly and annual financial report
• Prepare and present monthly management reports
• Prepare Monthly payments to different suppliers
• Bank, Cash, Debtors and Creditors reconciliation every month.
• Preparing invoices for suppliers
• Conduct monthly stock take and compare with monthly sales
• Prepare annual and monthly budget and ensure that the expenditures are as per the budget lines.
• Prepare for financial audit and ensure its done on time


A. Prepare and remit the following taxes in due time
    • Pay As You Earn(PAYE)
    • Value Added Tax (VAT)
    • Corporation Tax
    • Individual Income Tax
    • Withholding tax
    • Turnover Tax
    • Withholding VAT Tax
    • Withholding Rental Income Tax
    • Fridge Benefit Tax
    • Capital Gain Tax
    • Excise Tax
    • Advance Tax
   • Import Duty
B. Online Preparation and remittance of other statutory deductions
    • NSSF
    • NHIF
    • NITA
    • Standards Levy (KEBS)
    • Catering Levy
C.Perform I-tax Reconciliations with books of accounts ledgers
D.Follow up with KRA in case of any tax dispute
E.Overall Tax consultancy


• Safe Keeping of company’s records
• Keeping clients ETRs’ and Produce ETR Receipts when required (Optional)
• Safe keeping of cheque books and bank tokens (Optional)
• Prepare customer invoices and quotations as required
• Prepare customer contracts agreements etc
• Following up on customer payments
• Open companies bank accounts as needed
• Co-ordinate company’s functions.


• Prepare employees contracts
• Involved in hiring new member of staff
• Prepare employees payroll and pay casuals
• Prepare job descriptions for all employee


• Company secretary
• Company Registration
• Ensure all company’s requirements are met as per company’s act cap 486


• Plan effective auditing processes
• Audit financial statements and assess accounts for accuracy and regulatory compliance
• Inspect internal systems and controls
• Assess risk management tactics
• Perform audits of non-financial areas, like Health & Safety and IT
• Report systematic errors or fraud indicators
• Investigate specific issues regulatory bodies bring forward
• Explain audit findings and recommend solutions


• E-citizen
• NTSA Services