JWM and Associates offer comprehensive bookkeeping and accountancy services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. From preparing monthly management reports to conducting reconciliations and handling invoicing and supplier management, our team is dedicated to assisting your business in achieving financial success and growth

Book keeping & Accountancy Services

Prepare and Present Monthly Management Reports

We will create concise and informative monthly management reports that highlight key performance indicators, financial trends, and areas requiring attention. These reports will assist you in evaluating the effectiveness of your business strategies and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Prepare Monthly Payments to Different Suppliers:

Our team will handle the timely and accurate preparation of monthly payments to your various suppliers. By ensuring prompt payments, we can help maintain positive supplier relationships and optimize your cash flow management.

Bank, Cash, Debtors, and Creditors Reconciliation Every Month:

To ensure the accuracy and integrity of your financial records, we will conduct monthly reconciliations for your bank accounts, cash balances, debtors, and creditors. This process will help identify any discrepancies or errors, allowing for swift resolution and preventing potential financial risks.

Preparing Invoices for Suppliers:

We will take care of generating and issuing invoices to your suppliers, ensuring that they are accurate, compliant with applicable regulations, and delivered in a timely manner. This service will streamline your accounts payable process and foster efficient supplier management.

Conduct Monthly Stock Take and Compare with Monthly Sales:

Our team will assist you in conducting monthly stock take exercises to accurately track your inventory levels. By comparing the stock levels with monthly sales data, we can help identify any discrepancies and implement effective inventory management strategies.